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ADHD 2020 Talks:

NEXT EVENT:  19 November 2020
Our last webinar in our 2020 series will be held on Thursday, 19 November, by Dr Patrick Concannon (Paediatrician).

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The final webinar of the year by the Macquarie ADHD Parent Support Group will cover a range of aspects and common traits of ADHD. Dr Patrick Concannon, a retired Developmental Paediatrician, will speak about the common comorbidities associated with ADHD, and how working with health professionals is crucial in understanding the complex relationship between them. Children with ADHD can also have hyper-focus (in addition to inattention), which Dr Concannon will explore the positives and negatives of this, including screen time. Finally, children with ADHD often have difficulties regulating their emotions, which plays out in interactions with siblings, across the family and at school.

Dr Concannon worked for over 40 years as a Developmental Paediatrician with a keen interest in ADHD and autism. He was the Service Director of the Lower North Shore and Ryde Child and Family Health Service before moving into private practice. Dr Concannon is a leading authority on ADHD and is a life member of the Neurodevelopmental and Behavioural Paediatric Society of Australasia. He currently serves on the board of ADHD Australia and the Committee for the Macquarie ADHD Parent Support Group.

This webinar is capped to 100 attendees for the financial members of our group. But if places are available on November 12, we will fill spots with any non-members on the waitlist.

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The Macquarie ADHD Parent Support Group hosts four professional talks per year for parents, carers, teachers and other professionals working with ADHD kids.

Our next webinar will be in February 2021.

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