About Us

Macquarie ADHD Parent Support Group Inc. is a volunteer run non-profit community group which aims to share evidence based information on ADHD and its related conditions with carers of kids and teens with ADHD to help them manage the condition to maximise the child’s full potential.

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The group began in 2010 as the North Epping Learning Disability and ADHD Parent Support Group (NELDA). In 2014, with a change of leadership and location it changed its name to Macquarie ADHD Parent Support Group and in 2015 the group incorporated.

Macquarie ADHD Committee as of November 2022
President:  Pam Flynn
Vice President: Emmy Kerrigan
Treasurer: Lisa Hudson
Secretary: Louis Camps
Public Officer: Dr Patrick Concannon
General Officers: Debra Grimes and Amber Milnes

Macquarie ADHD is one of several NSW parent groups supported by ADDults with ADHD and the new peak body, ADHD Australia. For details of the various support groups around Australia, contact the National ADHD Helpline on 02 9889 5977.

You can contact us via our online enquiry form or by emailing info@macquarieadhd.org.au.