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You are not alone! For phone support, contact:

ADHD Foundation Australia

ADHD Foundation Australia is a 100% volunteer-run charity, funded by donations. It is committed to providing ADHD help and support to people living with, or supporting someone with, ADHD. The Foundation has two points of contact:

  • National ADHD Helpline 1300 393 919
    Please note: this is not a 24-hour call line. It is operated by volunteers who have kindly given their time to the helpline. If your call is not answered, leave a clear message with your name and contact details, so your call can be returned.
  • Visit ADHD Foundation website for other ways to contact them.
  • Please also visit to access the Foundation’s resources on ADHD.

Learning Difficulties Coalition of NSW’s Parent Helpline 

02 9806 9960
School days from 10am – 3pm

Families NSW
Parent Line: 1300 130 052

Macquarie ADHD can be contacted using the below form:

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